Arquetopia Synergy Award 2015 Recipients Announced! Five Outstanding International Artists

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Arquetopia Synergy Award 2015 Recipients, clockwise from top left: Brent Erickson (USA), Sheetul Goorah (Mauritius), Marina Yerali (Cyprus), Bronwyn Treacy (Australia), and Ellen Bepp (USA). Recipients of the Arquetopia Synergy Award 2015, clockwise from top left: Artists-in-Residence Brent Erickson (USA), Sheetul Goorah (Mauritius), Marina Yerali (Cyprus), Bronwyn Treacy (Australia), and Ellen Bepp (USA).

In conjunction with its fifth anniversary, Arquetopia Foundation announces artists Bronwyn Treacy (Australia), Marina Yerali (Cyprus), Sheetul Goorah (Mauritius), Ellen Bepp (USA), and Brent Erickson (USA) as the five recipients of the Arquetopia Synergy Award 2015.  The award consists of an artist residency on full scholarship during 2015 and exhibition of the awardees’ work at a major Mexican cultural center or museum in the city of Puebla, Mexico.

An international jury was invited to review more than 200 projects of past international artists-in-residence over the Foundation’s history, assessing each residency project’s contribution to a more nuanced perspective and understanding of Mexican complex history and culture.  Considering the scope reflected in the theme and technique, the jury unanimously selected the awardees and their…

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It’s never too late to start

Norq From Ork

Moments like the one I had today don’t happen very often. It was a dream come true moment, a long waited for moment, a never say never moment, a never give up moment, a never too late to start moment, and an I hope I get a lot more moments like this moment moment. It was the moment I picked up a magazine, opened it and found my first ever piece there in print.  I was quite choked as this really is a dream come true for me.  I’ve been saying for many years that I would love to write a book but never actually doing any writing. But late last year something in me just clicked, all on the back of a comment someone made when I was chatting to them about wanting to write.  I was speaking to her about the local creative writing group and how I’d love to…

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May Competition


soviet jet train 61f67b117cfc13f4bd5119e7660d8ff6 34c0f6b78d9f426b14a33296543fe55d 1f6bfbb3ebad82281e8cb3798fa16e86

This month our competition is all about abandoned futures. You can be as literal or as fantastic as you like. I’ve always loved images like these, they have that melancholy and dreamlike state that begs for their stories to be told.

300 Words.

Aim for Times New Roman and 12 points if you would be so kind.

Either submit in the body of the email or as an attachment.

If you do decide to grace us with your prose, there’s a good chance that at some point (probably a year down the line) we might use it in a ‘best of’ collection. So, be warned, by sending us your stuff, it will/might be published in an outmoded form called paper and as such, you accept this. Should this happen you will be offered the opportunity to buy the book at ‘cost’ price + delivery.

Please send your…

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