Need Content That Converts?

I get excited when I hear conversion optimization, content marketing, funnels or lead gen.

My writing attracts, engages and converts.

Whether you’re a small business or entrepreneur, my custom content can catapult your online visibility and give you that boost to attract new leads. Hire me for your digital marketing content, copy writing or ghostwriting.

I am a versatile freelance writer from the Republic of Zimbabwe.

Copy writing  – copy is a science and I know the formulas to help your business grow.

Blog writing – blog posts speak to your target audience and connects them to your brand and message. I write like that.

Ghostwriting – want to build your brand? My ghostwriting can convey your voice perfectly.

Technology continues to fascinate me, how it consistently advances our world. Who knew that a decade ago Facebook would be as big as it is now? Virtual reality, big data and the internet of Things are all technology advancements that appear to have come too soon. I believe that the world should gear up for more such advancements in the near future.

Just as I am enthusiastic about technology, I am aware of the side effects. I believe in a balanced approach to things, and that’s what I will give your business. I’ll tap into my versatility and knowledge/understanding of tech and startup trends, as well as relevant research and studies, to help create engaging content for your readers.

If you would like to work with me, you can head over to my hire me page to see which of my services is right for you.


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