The Eastbank Killer



Attorney Donna Bosque finds her life turned upside down when an attractive associate at her firm becomes convinced the Eastbank Killer, who has been terrifying Portland, is directly linked to their law firm.


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Chapter One

If it wasn’t for the cream-colored blouse unbuttoned an eighth of an inch lower than office decorum demanded, Astrid Merington would have reminded her boss, Donna Bosque, of a teenage boy telling campfire ghost stories.

Merington leaned back, one boot kicked up against the wall behind her, her face in shadow. It just after 5 PM, but the winter rain clouds had turned the sky black, and the halls of Pesher, Andrews, and Bosque were dark. The interns from Lewis and Clark Law School clustered around Merington, transfixed. Tony “my father is the DA so I know law” Peterson was openly leering. Twenty-two year old Barbara blushed when Merington looked at her…

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